The Joseph Interfaith Foundation is a member of the Inter Faith Network

The Joseph Interfaith Foundation does not put any information about its work with university students and its university groups on its website.

Auschwitz and Srebrenica: Lessons of our common humanity

Council of Muslim & Jewish Physicians

The Foundation has officially set up a unique and ground breaking new forum known as the Council of Muslim & Jewish Physicians. There is no other such a forum in the country.

National Council of Imams and Rabbis

The National Council of Imams and Rabbis is an authoritative theological group of senior and leading Imams and Rabbis from major mosques and synagogues in Britain. This is a unique initiative of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation.

The Council represents the Jewish and Muslim communities across their religious and ethnic diversity. The Imams are senior imams of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arab, Indian and Somali mosques. The Rabbis are senior rabbis of major Orthodox, Reform, Sephardi, Masorti, and Liberal synagogues.